All photography provided by Berkley Historical Society

The Berkley Historical society was established in 1972. Members of our community have worked to preserve our historic artifacts and share the rich history of our town. We are a 501c3, non-profit. 

One of our most pressing goals has been to find a new home for our collection. The Old Town Hall on the Historic Berkley Common is the perfect showcase and an important historical building which will be our home and our biggest project to date. 

We will have regular visting hours and many volunteer opportunities for the members of our community to come together to preserve this icon. 


Our Mission

Since 1975, The Berkley Historical Society has actively worked to preserve and perpetuate the history of Berkley, Massachusetts through a collection of documents, relics, records and other materials containing historical facts and biographical anecdotes related to Berkley history. The BHS shares with members and residents to foster fellowship and cooperation in the preservation of historical sites and landmarks. The BHS remains a non-profit, non-commercial social organization. New members are always welcome in this pursuit.

So much of our history lies in preserving our past.
— Peter Westbrook

What We've Achieved

  • Repaired & restored The Old Town Hall.
  • Opened our museum.
  • Partnered with other groups to utilize the space & present informational programs.
  • Created a dialog about our town and it's history utilizing Facebook.
  • Created awareness as to the vast history of Berkley and it's townspeople. 
  • Worked to bring together other historical groups & museums to promote our common cause.