Our primary project has been the restoration of the our home, The Old Town Hall. 


The old town hall, berkely, Mass. 1849

This iconic building sits at the heart of the Historic Berkley Common and is now the home of the Berkley Historical Society Museum.  The Old Town Hall has seen many uses since 1849. Town Hall, School, Library, Lions Club, and most recently it was used as temporary Town Hall while a new structure was being built. This photo shows how it looked when we were granted use of the building. 

Over many years, and many uses this beautiful building had seen a few "face-lifts". The interior photo with drop ceiling shows the interior appeared just before we began our museum project. 

Thanks to the support of our members, generous grants from the Ruby Linn Foundation, the Bristol County Sheriff's Department, local town government, and many local businesses we have been able to transform this beautiful building. 

Please visit our museum and see just how beautiful this gem is.